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    Bring your team together with an engaging, fun and truly unique team-building activity that gives back to charities and local communities. Our highly participative and meaningful events are perfect for teams of all sizes, from 10 to 2000. Create value for your business, employees and the charities we support today!

Team Building Events with Purpose

Wherever you’re based, our team will come to your workplace or chosen event space with all the equipment and expert knowledge needed to deliver a fun and energising team building event with an activity for everyone. 100% of o3e’s CSR team building challenges are focussed on giving back to charity. Find your perfect team-building activity today!

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  • 1 Hour Events
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  • Large Groups
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  • Remote/Virtual
  • Small Groups

Why Charity Team Building with o3e?

Unique and Impactful Experiences

  • Memorable Activities: Engage in distinctive team-building exercises that create lasting memories
  • Positive Social Impact: Contribute to meaningful charity projects that benefit the community
  • Innovative Approaches: Utilise creative and innovative methods to foster teamwork and collaboration
  • Tailored Programs: Customised activities designed to meet the specific needs and goals of your team

Enhance Team Cohesion

  • Strengthen Bonds: Build stronger relationships and trust among team members
  • Improve Communication: Foster better communication skills through collaborative tasks
  • Promote Shared Goals: Align team efforts towards common charitable objectives
  • Fun and Engagement: Enjoyable experiences keep everyone motivated and engaged

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Demonstrate Commitment: Show your company’s dedication to giving back to the community
  • Boost Employee Morale: Increase employee satisfaction by involving them in charitable activities
  • Positive Brand Image: Enhance your company’s reputation by supporting meaningful causes
  • Long-term Benefits: Invest in activities that provide ongoing benefits to your team and the community

Expert Facilitation and Support

  • Expert Guidance: Charity team building is all we do. We’re a Certified B Corp and we know what we’re doing
  • Comprehensive Planning: Our team of superstars ensure hassle-free planning and organisation of events
  • Inclusive and Accessible: Our activities are designed to accommodate and welcome all team members
  • Measurable Outcomes: Receive feedback from your chosen charity to demonstrate the impact of the event

Our Impact

50000 lovely people across 3 continents...

...took on one of our CSR challenges and achieved all this!

3094 bikes and 1700 skateboards donated...

...to children and adults for cancer rehabilitation, social inclusion projects, to disadvantaged children and to homeless hostels

190 funky beds and fun houses...

...donated to children across the UK, supported by Foster Carers, bereavement charities, hospices and children's centres

£40000 donated in cash...

...to amazing causes plus many Christmas presents collected through our Treasure Quest challenges and donated to Help The Aged centres

346 sports wheelchairs and 8 disability trikes...

...donated to disability play clubs and grassroots disability tennis, basketball, and hockey clubs across the UK, breaking down expensive barriers to entry, and providing access to bike riding for children with disabilities

631 care packages...

...donated to charities to provide vital kit for the people they support, from chemo care packs for teenagers and young adults, to starter packs for people leaving care or in hostels, or winter warmer care packs for Help the Aged

Our Clients

We’re fortunate to work with clients across a range of different sectors. No matter their industry, they always put 100% into creating items for donations. Read some of their feedback below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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