• LiveWire

    Take centre stage as you create adapted musical instruments in LiveWire, a challenge that highlights team planning, collaboration, and creativity.

Group size: 6 – 1000   Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours   Creative, Collaborative

Price from £77 per person* 

Our music-themed team building event LiveWire strikes the perfect note for both participants and the community. This creative challenge sees teams come together to build and artwork adapted musical instruments that will be donated to SEN schools and social inclusion projects.

Why adapted musical instruments?

Music plays a special role in most of our lives. It brings people together, evokes memories and enriches our lives through self-expression. And, for young people with special educational needs or disability (SEND), this is no different.

Studies have shown that music can promote a wide range of benefits for SEND individuals, from mood enhancement such as calming, energising, pride and achievement, to other skills such as teamwork, listening, communication and co-ordination.

We believe everyone should be able to experience the joy of making music. That’s why we’ve developed LiveWire, a team building event with access to music at its heart.

Event details

Your LiveWire event will begin with a short presentation, introducing o3e, the activity, and the fantastic charity that your finished adapted instruments will benefit.

Once your team is buzzing with excitement, positivity, and the motivation to make incredible instruments to change lives, they will get creative. Working in teams of 6, you will be tasked with designing, decorating, and assembling a one-of-a-kind adapted musical instrument.

Once the building is complete, teams will get to showcase their designs by learning a recognisable tune and putting on a final winning performance for their peers!

“We wanted people to feel like they achieved a goal or had purpose in giving back to the community. Georgina and her team did a fantastic job. They were very professional, helpful and just a pleasure to work with.``

- Ann-Marie, BP Lubricants


What makes LiveWire so appealing is its flexibility. It can be extended or shortened to suit your team’s particular needs and fit within your larger agenda. We can run anything from a 90 minute activity to an all day long solution, with a sing-along included for good measure.

Sound simple? Well, depending on the duration of your session, you may have to participate in further challenges that will be announced throughout the session:

  • Kazoo Who: One team member must get their teammates to guess the famous musician using only the sound of a trusty kazoo
  • Grey Matter: Test your team’s problem-solving skills with this baffling brainteaser.
  • Music to my ears: How many songs from our eclectic event playlist can you recognise?
  • Choir: Why not add a choir activity and have a harmonious day.

Not only will your team leave the event buzzing with motivation and new-found skills, they will feel even better knowing that they have made a big difference for charity!

*Final pricing depends on location, timings and participant numbers, please download the o3e brochure for more ideas starting from £55 per person. https://www.o3e.co.uk/live-team-building-portfolio/

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