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    We're so proud of the difference the donations from our team building events have made to the charities we support. We work with hundreds of wonderful charities across all sectors, but we're always looking to help more. If you’re a charity and you'd like information on how to work with us (there's no cost!) contact our Director of Kindness today.

Feedback From Our Charities

What a difference a donation makes! We've received some lovely feedback from our charity partners, all passed on to the clients who made the donations.

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We’ve donated 24 bikes, 26 skateboards and 9 wheelchairs to Kids on behalf of our clients. Read the feedback from the charity about one of the wheelchair donations here.

36 skateboards have been donated to youth development charity The Skateboarding Foundation. The team at Lexis Nexis donated 32 of them! Read the charity feedback here.

The donation of bikes to Chester Aid to the Homeless on behalf of G & B North West has helped 6 of their service users combat isolation and gain independence. Read the recipient feedback here.

13 bikes, 9 children’s beds and 10 scooters have been donated to The Baby Bank via our team-building events. Read about the impact the donation of 8 bikes from our client Sanofi has made here.

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Does Your Charity Need Support?

We’re always in contact with our charities to understand any immediate and urgent needs for equipment or support. This helps us quickly direct clients to a suitable charity for their event donations. It also allows us to create bespoke events to meet very specific charity needs.

Although we work with charities of all sizes, we do try to prioritise smaller charities, local community projects and schools who may not get the same funding as larger charities. So if you’re a charity and you would like more information on how to work with us (there’s no charge!) please just pop Georgina, our Director of Kindness, an email.