AFK is a national charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families. Through our team-building events, we've been able to donate specialist trikes and bikes to the charity over the course of our 10 year partnership.

Why we support AFK

We support AFK because their mission aligns with o3e’s values of inclusivity and empowerment. AFK create opportunities for children and young people who are disabled or neurodiverse – which is simply inspiring.

Their work to increase independence, help individuals reach their potential and remove barriers gels with our view that everyone should have the chance to thrive. By championing a world with no barriers to independence, AFK is making a significant impact on the lives of those who need it most. And we want to help more!

Team-building challenges that help AFK

great philanthropic challenge

The Great Philanthropic Challenge

Your team can compete in a range of fun “Crystal Maze” style activities to win items for care packages for AFK! The challenges are a mixture of physical and cerebral, meaning your whole team can get involved. The challenges will help develop team cohesion and soft skills while also creating something useful for the people AFK support.

LiveWire Musical Instrument Challenge

Your team can will artwork and assemble adapted musical instruments that will be donated to the children at AFK! Your teams will design, decorate, wire, code and assemble one-of-a-kind adapted musical instruments which will give children with learning or physical disabilities the opportunity to learn to make music.

LiveWire team building event
Woman fixing bike pedal

Charity Bike Build

Our original team building event! Gather your team and learn the knowledge needed to build bikes for the children at AFK. Face challenges to earn the parts to complete your build before donating your finished bikes to AFK.

Make Sense Sensory Story Challenge

We developed this one-of-a-kind activity with insight from a leading UK sensory integration expert. Your teams will work together to create an engaging sensory story to be used in play therapy sessions for children at AFK.

make sense sensory story
Woman fixing bike pedal

Charity Trike Build

Work together to build trikes to help children at AFK experience the joys of cycling! Special adaptive trikes can be expensive, making them inaccessible to many children who need them. Our Charity Trike Challenge is a brilliant way to make the fun of a bike ride accessible to all children.

o3e's team-building activities provide AFK with...

Care package
Disability trike
make sense sensory story
LiveWire Adapted Musical Instruments

Bespoke care packages can be donated to the children and families supported by AFK. From toys and clothing to personal hygiene and health items, spreading a little love through a bespoke care pack goes a long way.

Mobility equipment including specialist trikes and bikes help the children AFK support be children. Most specialist equipment isn’t available on the NHS, so these kinds of donations make a real difference.

One-of-a-kind Sensory Stories can be used in play therapy sessions. These help provide meaning, fun and engagement to children (and adults) with sensory processing needs, promoting learning.

Children with disabilities can sometimes miss out on experiences we all take for granted. Our Adapted Musical Instruments have been designed to allow all children to experience the joy of making music.