• Charity Trike Build

When we realised that there were many children unable to access and experience the joys of cycling, we made it our mission to develop our Charity Trike Build.

When your team builds adaptive trikes at your event, you will be creating opportunities for children with disabilities to benefit from the fun a bike brings.

Special adaptive trikes are costly, meaning it is inaccessible to many families and special needs schools.

Our Charity Trike Challenge is a brilliant way to make the fun of a bike ride accessible to all children. This challenge can be a team building challenge in itself, or you can add it to any other events.

Your goal in this challenge is to work collaboratively in teams of 8, to build trikes!

Once complete, we will donate trikes to your chosen charity for distribution to children with disabilities. We donate the trikes to children’s play centres so many different children can use and enjoy them.

After a group briefing and charity presentation, we will ask participants to attend one of our knowledge sessions. Each session is led by a qualified bike mechanic who will teach you everything you need to know about your assigned part of the bike. It is your job then, to share this information to the rest of your team and ensure the trike is built properly!

Charity Trike CSR Team Building
CSR Team Building

We will provide teams with their own professional trike workshop. However, to gain access to the tools needed, each team must work together and complete a build plan. The teams must then get their build plan approved by an o3e mechanic!

Teams will also take part in 3 challenges, in the hope of winning o3e ‘money’ to spend at our shop on accessories to enhance their trikes and increase final team scores!

The challenges designed to test your teamwork include:

-Velodrome: A mathematical challenge designed to test your communication skills. Can you tell us what day the velodrome was built?

-Nail it: A thinking outside the box challenge.

-Need for Speed: How quickly can you complete 3 laps of the circuit on our virtual cycle simulator?





Once the trikes are complete, they will be given a full MOT by our mechanics. It is this score that tells us who the winning (and losing) teams are!  The bikes are then checked over one final time before being handed over to your chosen charity.


Watch some of our events in action.


Charity Bike Build

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