• Charity Bike Build

    Our original CSR team building event. Charity Bike Build has already built and donated over 3,000 bikes to charity. Become part of that legacy!

You will work as a Team to build a bike for charity!

Join the teams and businesses who have already taken part in a charity bike build and built over 3,000 bikes for charity!

Minimum numbers 5, max numbers? How big is the space? Charity Bike Build has already been run for huge audiences.

Working in teams of 5-8 participants, you will ‘get the knowledge’, plan and take on fun cerebral and physical challenges and of course build a bike to make a difference..

Fast paced, high levels of engagement, encourages great communication, loads of laughter….. and at the end? You will be donating brand new, awesome high quality bicycles to your chosen charity as a result of your team building event.

How does it work?

Charity Bike Build begins with a group briefing and a special charity presentation. Firstly, the charity will announce who the bikes are for. Secondly, the group will be divided into teams.

Knowledge sessions are where the teams gain the skills necessary and each member will attend a different session, some may require two team members. Each knowledge session is led by a member of the o3e Bike mechanic team. They will teach the participants everything they need to know about building the bike.

The teams will regroup to share what they have learnt in order to create a bike build plan. Following this the teams have access to professional bike tools and their own workshop.

Team Building Bikes for Charity

The team led by Carys did an outstanding job and really worked beyond our expectations to anticipate our needs. As an example, Carys knew distributing the bikes would be a challenge and found a local charity in Cambridge that would benefit local children. This was a very special day at AVEVA. Thank you Carys and team!


Team Building Bike Simulator

Test the team with challenges?

Teams will compete in 3 challenges, all in the hope of winning Charity Cash. You can exchange this for accessories at the charity bike shop. A great opportunity to customise the bike for the child or adult receiving it. You may want to pimp your ride!

Every challenge aims to get the teams to work together more efficiently.

-Velodrome: Mathematical challenge designed to test team’s communication skills.

-Nail it: A thinking outside the box challenge.

-Virtual Cycle Simulator: The latest in indoor cycling technology to test even the most enthusiastic rider.


Once completed and quality tested, the bike is taken to scrutineering where each aspect of the bike build is tested and scored. 

Awards follow, who has built the best bike, who wears the inner tube of shame, all will come clear during the final period.

And please don’t panic, we perform a full audited pre-delivery inspection before the bikes are handed over to their new delighted owners!

At the end of the event, there is an opportunity for photos, and each team must complete a card that will accompany the bike

Normally the bikes go straight to the charity after the event, or very soon after where we are able to get photos and feedback to share.

Watch our Charity Bike Build event in Action!

Charity Bike Build

What will your team's legacy be?