• Charity Bike Build

    Our original CSR team building event. Charity Bike Build has already built and donated over 3,000 bikes to charity. Become part of that legacy!

You will work as a Team to build a bike for charity!

Group size: 8 – 2000+   Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours   Planning, Collaboration, Quality

The event that started it all! Sometimes copied, never bettered. The original Charity Bike Build.

Charity Bike Build is a great event for companies and departments who are growing and need to develop their team.

You will be working with teams of 7-8 participants, the team will delegate responsibilities, learn the knowledge, plan the build and deliver on quality.

Fast paced, with the highest levels of engagement, Charity Bike Build encourages great communication, loads of laughter….. and at the end the donation of brand new, high quality bikes, bikes that you would be happy donating and have the greatest impact, to your chosen charity. What a team building event!

How does it work?

o3e’s Charity Bike Build Challenge begins with a special presentation from the charity, always passionate, sometimes emotional and with the recipients at the centre.

Now in teams the group will allocate responsibilities, who is going to assemble the wheels? Who will be in charge of gears? Once decided o3e run knowledge sessions where the teams gain the skills necessary. Each knowledge session is led by a member of the o3e team and they will teach the participants everything they need to know about building the bike.

Armed with their new found skills the teams regroup and share what they have learnt. Next with a plan in place and access to tools, grease and air……..The team begins the build.

Woman fixing bike pedal

The team led by Carys did an outstanding job and really worked beyond our expectations to anticipate our needs. As an example, Carys knew distributing the bikes would be a challenge and found a local charity in Cambridge that would benefit local children. This was a very special day at AVEVA. Thank you Carys and team!


Team Building Bike Simulator

Test the team with challenges?

…….If only it was that simple!

Teams compete in 3 challenges? Why? To win! Every bike is donated with a helmet and lock available from the o3e charity bike shop, the team may excel enough to add other accessories including lights, bag, water bottle and a pump. You can even have a pimp my ride shop!

Every challenge aims to get the teams to work together more efficiently.

-Velodrome: Mathematical challenge designed to test team’s communication skills.

-Nail it: A thinking outside the box challenge.

-Virtual Cycle Simulator: an exciting centre piece to an o3e Charity Bike Build is the racing simulator, highly competitive, very noisy and results in a helmet for the bike.

There is an opportunity to exchange any of these challenges for your own input, some clients want to include product knowledge and the o3e team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.


Once the team have completed their build and quality test, the bike is presented to the o3e mechanic teams for scoring. 

Finally the awards, who has built the best bike? who wears the inner tube of shame? All will come clear during the final period.

o3e performs a full audited pre-delivery inspection prior to the bikes donation to their delighted owners!

At the end of the event, there is an opportunity for a group photo and each team completes  a card to wish the new owner well.

Following the event the bikes go straight to the charity.


An o3e event includes feedback from the recipient charity, individual or school. Our Director of Kindness’s role is to follow up so you can see the value the teams have delivered.

Please download the o3e brochure for more ideas starting from as little as £55 per person.

Watch our Charity Bike Build event in Action!

Picture of o3e donating bikes

What will your team's legacy be?