• The Great Philanthropic Challenge

Christmas Party with purpose

The Great Philanthropic Challenge is a fun and engaging Crystal Maze type activity that not only improves team cohesion and development of soft skills, but also creates something purposeful for your chosen charity. The aim of the activity is to complete a series of 6 Crystal Maze style challenges in order to win items that then become a care package for your chosen charity.


The beauty of this challenge is that it can be tailored specifically to the charity you would like to work with. For example, we have previously created ‘winter care packs’ for Help the Age, ‘care packs’ for the NSPCC supporting care leavers, and ‘chemo care packs’ for teenagers supported by Teens Unite Fighting Cancer. In 2019 we’re working with the charity Single Homeless Project to create ‘welcome packs’ for people moving into their hostels.

This challenge can played as a virtual team building challenge, and is flexible to almost any charity cause that is close to your heart!  Call us to discuss.

Working in teams, you’ll take on 6 Crystal Maze type challenges against the clock, which may include:

-Crazy Dice: The dice has been dropped and needs to be pieced back together, but where did all the dots come from?

-Fluid Dynamics: Move the dangerous substance between the containers to get the exact amount that will tip the scale and release the prize.

-Need Speed: Use your team to complete the distance on our cycle simulator in the optimum time.

-Balance: This is a skill-based challenge which will test your balance, coordination and multitasking.

-Pathway: Navigate your way through the path to reach the end. There is only one way.

-Pet Detective: What pet is missing? Use your process of elimination to find out where the missing pet is.

-Scatty Scooter Race: See if your team can scoot their way to the prize, in this obstacle relay race.

-Gold Rush Finale: A testing challenge to see the winning team search for the golden objects required to top up everyone’s boxes.

Chemo Care Pack community countdown team building
CSR Team Building




At the end of your event, you’ll feel engaged, bonded and very happy with your work, as your chosen charity is presented with the Care Packs, which are then distributed directly to the children and/or adults they are supporting.


Watch some of our events in action.

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