• Flying Start

    Bring your team together and help build a better future for young people.

Group size: 6 – 1000   Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours   Creative, Collaborative

Price from £85 per person* 

The o3e tech led team building event Flying Start is an exciting journey in to the world of drones. Flying Start is a tech challenge that will engage your team and the completed drones and their components will be used to equip and enhance schools.

Why drones?

Drones are an exciting technology already widely used in movie-making, structural engineering, delivery services and observation.

The tech within a Flying Start Drone has the capacity to take teaching of STEM to higher levels. Schools are desperately short of finance and providing equipment that enhances the learning experience for the pupil makes real sense.

The fact that Flying Start is helping pupils in Special Educational Needs Schools to learn coding and engineering is a good reason to choose this as an activity for your team.

Event details

A Flying Start begin with a short presentation, an opportunity to understand the purpose of the challenge, how the activity works and some insight from the school on how the drones are going to help them.

Your team will be excited about the prospect of making a difference. Highly motivated and engaged, teams of 6 – 8 are going to construct and code the drone.

Once completed they will be challenged to fly their drones and land in the designated area.


Flying Start offers flexibility. It can be extended or shortened to suit your team’s particular needs and fit within your larger agenda. We can run anything from a 90 minute activity that will work as an icebreaker within your conference, the traditional 2 – 2.5 hours team building afternoon and even an all day long solution

Depending on the duration of your session, you may have to participate in further challenges that will be announced throughout the session:

  • InSync – Team coordination
  • On Top of the World – Satellite imagery challenge
  • Enigma Code: Cerebral puzzle
  • Search and Rescue: What would you choose?

Not only will your team leave the event buzzing with motivation and new-found skills, they will feel even better knowing that they have made a big difference for charity!

*Final pricing depends on location, timings and participant numbers, please download the o3e brochure for more ideas starting from £55 per person. https://www.o3e.co.uk/live-team-building-portfolio/

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