• Climate Change Challenge

    The greatest environmental challenge the world has ever faced, but together we can do something about it
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Climate Change Challenge encourages teams, through a series of interactive activities, to think about the global problem we face and what they can do to help combat this.

Your participants will learn the knowledge to create sustainable life habits, understand the impact on wildlife, and power sustainable energy all whilst having fun and connecting with their colleagues!

How does this event support charity?

Firstly, 5% of your total event value will be donated to a climate change charity. Supporting them with their ongoing efforts to save the planet.

Secondly, successful completion of the various tasks rewards your teams with our Cryptocurrency, oZone. Our research shows that charities are in need of skilled volunteers, people who can help them when they need them, but it doesn’t come at a cost to them.

oZones can then be banked with the charity, for them to use at any time in the future when they need your skills and services. For example, 10 oZones could be exchanged for a day’s support building a website! Increasing their social media presence! Or even helping on a charity fun day!

There is overwhelming evidence (97% scientific consensus) that global warming is mostly man-made – largely down to burning fossil fuels and deforestation on a mass-scale. This is not a natural process. The good news? We can do something about it. But we have to do it together, and we have to do it now.


How does it work?

The Climate Change Challenge will last for around 2.5 hours but this can change to meet your requirements.

We start with a group briefing, including a presentation from the charity.

Your teams will be split into teams of up to 8 people. Each team has a base station and must create a team name!

A team matrix will tell the team which challenge they need to be at and when!

They must acquire oZones (charity cryptocurrency) by completing team challenges that are focused on climate change and the environment.

At the end of the challenge, we will do a final count to see which team won the most oZones and announce the winners.

climate change challenge
Climate Change Challenge

Climate Change Challenge Team Challenges

Plastic Ocean – Questions will be answered by team members. If successful the team can go to the ocean pond and retrieve as many fish trapped in plastic bottles as possible in 30 seconds.

What’s Watt? – Just how much energy is required to power everyday items? The team will get a chance to create their own power source and charge a tablet computer.

Wind Farm – A mathematical problem requiring the whole team’s input to work out when the windfarm was able to generate electricity. Brainpower and great teamwork required.

Re-use, Re-Purpose, Re-cycle – What is currently recyclable, and what can be safely reused and repurposed?

Endangered – Identify the species and where it’s located. Will its habitat survive if the temperature rises?

BeeHave – Which Beekeeper keeps Apus Cerana Japonica? Teams will need all their detective skills and by a process of elimination, they will reveal the answer.

We can partner you with one of our Climate Change Challenge charity partners:

You could support a charity like Possible. Whether they’re running tree-planting days, vegan feasts or heat-camera treasure hunts. Plugging community-owned solar into train lines. Reimagining parks or lobbying MPs about onshore wind. Everything they do is about inspiring more people to take more ambitious action on climate change.

Or support the #BinForGreenSeas project by Green Seas Trust and help reduce the amount of plastic entering the seas and coastal areas. In the UK, 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year and 700,000 are littered every day. Marine litter presents a huge problem in our oceans. Some scientists warn that by 2050, the number of plastics in the oceans will outweigh fish.

Contact us to find out more about this challenge for your team.

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