Large Groups

Onboard Event

Assemble and artwork skateboards that will be donated to a young person’s charity or social inclusion project! Your teams will be given the task of decorating 2 skateboard decks. Your more artistic team members can create an original design on a blank deck, while those who need a bit more guidance will be given a[…]

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Learn to build, code and fly drones which will then be donated to schools across the UK! Flying Start is a flexible option for your event – we can run anything from a 90-minute activity that will work as an icebreaker within your conference, to a traditional 2.5 hours team building afternoon, to a full[…]

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o3e Performance Wheelchair Challenge

In teams of up to 10, and facing challenges along the way, you will build Motivation Sports wheelchairs for grass roots inclusive sports clubs or charities including Access Sport and Nova Sport and Coaching. You’ll compete in 6 wheelchair-based challenges including wheelchair basketball!

Charity Bike Build Team

Our original team building event! Gather your team and learn the knowledge needed to build a bike. Face challenges to earn the parts to complete your build before donating your finished bikes to deserving charities.