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Charity Team Building – Why do anything else? It’s so clear to us at o3e, we wonder why all team building events aren’t like ours! o3e was founded on a simple idea, harness the imagination, creativity, time and investment organisations spend on bringing their team together and doing something fun and amazing and making a[…]

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Land Rover Beds at home

o3e is expanding its operations in the UK, with a new North Midlands Hub – servicing businesses events in the Midlands & North o3e is the leading Charity Team Building provider in the UK and has been delivering purposeful team building events for over 11 years, with over £1.5 million worth of donations given to charities throughout the UK and Europe. We have opened a new Charity Event Hub in[…]

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Picture of finished Artwork

Postcards from the Pledge help engage and embed a new sense of purpose for remote team building. Art that reaches out and brings people together. The World is changing and people are moving away from instant gratification and businesses looking inwardly to see what they can do for local, national and international communities. Having a sense[…]

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