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Team Building

Zoning In Virtual Team Building

We have used four online meeting apps that we believe are suitable for business: Zoom, Teams, Webex and Hangouts. It’s important to know the features that matter for a successful virtual team building experience, as well as the unexpected pitfalls they can each present. Breakout Rooms are great (if properly managed) For virtual team building, one of the essential features[…]

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Picture of finished Artwork

Postcards from the Pledge help engage and embed a new sense of purpose for remote team building. Art that reaches out and brings people together. The World is changing and people are moving away from instant gratification and businesses looking inwardly to see what they can do for local, national and international communities. Having a sense[…]

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Two lads playing wheelchair basketball

Written by Clare Childs, Sports Range manager at Motivation. An incredible Charity who supply the sports wheelchairs for all of our Performance Wheelchair Challenges: We’ve teamed up with o3e, who organise corporate and team-building activities, to support their venture – the Sports Wheelchair Build Challenge! It’s a fun, energetic and very hands-on activity that sees teams[…]

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