Charity Team Building – Why do anything else?

Charity Team Building – Why do anything else? It’s so clear to us at o3e, we wonder why all team building events aren’t like ours!

o3e was founded on a simple idea, harness the imagination, creativity, time and investment organisations spend on bringing their team together and doing something fun and amazing and making a difference that will help someone else.

o3e events enable the homeless, the disabled, the young carer, the care leaver, the struggling family and even the school your children may go to!

It’s an idea that has opened up opportunities for businesses and charities alike and it’s growing.

o3e delivers fantastic solutions to maintain and lift morale and ensure high levels of engagement. With a choice of physical, creative and cerebral, we are sure to have a solution suitable for your team. Our team challenges are suited to everybody, with no exclusions.

With something so simple making such an amazing difference… Why do anything else?

Download our brochure to see our Charity Team Building events.

Being different takes courage

QUALITY – From its foundation, o3e has majored on quality. It’s not just about giving any bike or skateboard to charity. It’s about products that we know will last and be an ongoing legacy for your business.

CHARITY – We verify all the charities we work with, we know where every item goes and we know it has been safely checked.

SOCIETY – Every activity has been created to deal with an issue communities are finding hard to resolve, nothing frivolous.

NO HEDGING OUR BETS – o3e is all in! If it doesn’t give back, we don’t do it! We are not in to Charity Team Building as an option, it’s all or nothing.

SUSTAINABILITY – From our B Corp Certification to the sourcing of the timber for our skateboards, you can be sure o3e is doing everything in our power to make our business and your event climate friendly. We are Climate Positive.


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