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    If you're looking for a building challenge, where your teams have to construct something tangible - and useful! - then these CSR team building events are perfect.
Charity Bike Build

Charity Bike Build

Charity Bike Build is one of our charity team building challenges that enables your organisation to take Social Responsibility to a much wider audience with an entertaining team focused activity that delivers value to both the client, participants and the community.

Since its foundation Charity Bike Build has contributed more than 2,500 bikes with a value in excess of £875,000 in to the community.

The challenge is for approximately 2.5 hours, and this can be tailored to suit your agenda. Your group will be split in to team of 5-8 and will build one bike per team.

Performance Wheelchair Challenge

We have had phenomenal success with this challenge donating performance wheelchairs to Help for Heroes and SSAFA the services charities. As a result, we have been able to provide chairs to the non-profit organisation Choice International, to support the setting up of 2 brand new wheelchair basketball teams. Providing sports wheelchairs to grassroots all ability sports has been part of our work with Access Sport and The Tennis Foundation.

Chairs are provided to give access to sport for recreation and recovery from both physical and mental illnesses. They facilitate a team playing opportunity, which really encourages and supports mental health recovery.

This is a fast-paced charity team building challenges that puts a team on its toes right from the start. Working in teams of up to 10, each team needs to build and then compete in their sports wheelchair.

This challenge is suitable for groups from 16 – 600.

Inclusive Team Building Challenge

“The Wheelchair Challenge day was amazing, everyone really enjoyed themselves and a few people wanted to find out more about organizing their own team session. I would highly recommend having this on the list again. The catering arrived on time, the basketball coaches were excellent, and it was a great cause.”

– NBC Universal

Getting the Balance

Build scooters and balance bikes that will support young and disadvantaged children through our charity partnership with Home-Start.

Getting the Balance explores sustainability in a fun team event. Working in teams of up to 8, participants take on team challenges that are both cerebral and physical.

Successful completion of the challenges will earn you parts and points to build a scooter or balance bike or both.

This challenge contributes to a health and wellness project. In this challenge, we aim to reduce pollution on the school run by changing behaviour and creating healthy habits.

Charity Trike Building

Keen to help other areas of the community we have developed Charity Trike Build Alongside a specialist manufacturer, we are able to deliver an astonishing and highly emotive team experience.

Your group is divided in to teams of 5 – 8; each has their own workshop with tools and equipment. The challenge kicks off with a briefing about the people who will receive the trikes. Each team member attends a knowledge session to understand the technicalities of the Trike Build. Then the teams are ready to build their trikes.

Incorporated in to the event are team challenges, testing communication, innovation, time management and trust. Teams will complete these challenges in order to acquire the final specialist parts necessary to adapt their trike to the disability of the rider.

Charity Trike CSR Team Building
Team building ideal for small teams

Charity Bike Build Joiner Networking

The Charity Bike Build ‘Joiner’ challenge, is a networking opportunity for smaller companies. All of the action and input but competing with other companies.

A unique event, offering a corporate social responsible team building activity, an away day, networking and some social time, specifically for smaller companies or teams.

Join up to 11 other socially responsible, like minded businesses, for an engaging and motivating day. Reward and get to know your team, whilst doing something amazing for charity.

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