Small Groups

Getting the Balance Charity Team Building Event

Treat your team to an engaging session of incredibly fun and energetic cerebral and physical challenges whilst building scooters for donation to families living in poverty, with disability or mental health difficulties. Teams will need to hone their skills in planning, collaboration and tenacity to succeed!

Scooter Dash

The perfect activity for your 1 hour charity team challenge, hospitality evening or to add a fun CSR element to a team meeting! Your teams will need to assemble scooters and pass our rigorous safety checks in just 50 minutes. Once complete, the scooters will be donated to a local charity on the very same[…]

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Climate Action Challenge Team Building Event

A multi-activity challenge where your teams can personally give something worthwhile to charity! Teams compete in challenges to win crypto currency which will then be banked by a charity of your choice. The charity will then use the currency to buy your teams’ hours as volunteers!

charity team building

Work together to build trikes to help children with disabilities experience the joys of cycling! Special adaptive trikes can be expensive, making them inaccessible to many children who need them. Our Charity Trike Challenge is a brilliant way to make the fun of a bike ride accessible to all children.

Great Philanthropic Challenge Team Building

Compete in a range of fun “Crystal Maze” style activities to win items for care packages for your chosen charity! The challenges are a mixture of physical and cerebral, meaning your whole team can get involved. The challenges will help develop team cohesion and soft skills while also creating something useful for charity.

Benevohunt Team Building Challenge

We’ve levelled up the standard GPS treasure hunt and added a philanthropic twist! This app-based challenge will take your teams on a trip through a city or town of your choice. Each team will have a different route with different challenges to complete – but who will win the most crypto currency to buy items[…]

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Artwork and assemble adapted musical instruments that will be donated to SEN schools and social inclusion projects! Your teams will design, decorate, wire, code and assemble one-of-a-kind adapted musical instruments which will give people with learning or physical disabilities the opportunity to learn to make music.

Build, create and paint fun houses for children’s charities and support centres! Using a theme given by the children who will receive the fun houses, your team will use time management and creativity to create fun houses for a range of charities like the NSPCC Neglect Programme, which helps protect vulnerable children.

Get Ahead Team in progress

Create an amazing bed for a child in need! Your teams will use great teamwork and communication to build a beautiful jungle or underwater themed headboard for a child in a family home or refuge. Your team will decorate the unique o3e headboard which will then be added to a bed frame and mattress before[…]

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On Board Team Building Event

Assemble and artwork skateboards that will be donated to a young person’s charity or social inclusion project! Your teams will be given the task of decorating 2 skateboard decks. Your more artistic team members can create an original design on a blank deck, while those who need a bit more guidance will be given a[…]

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