Getting the Balance Charity Team Building Event

Treat your team to an engaging session of incredibly fun and energetic cerebral and physical challenges whilst building scooters for donation to families living in poverty, with disability or mental health difficulties. Teams will need to hone their skills in planning, collaboration and tenacity to succeed!

charity team building

Work together to build trikes to help children with disabilities experience the joys of cycling! Special adaptive trikes can be expensive, making them inaccessible to many children who need them. Our Charity Trike Challenge is a brilliant way to make the fun of a bike ride accessible to all children.

Artwork and assemble adapted musical instruments that will be donated to SEN schools and social inclusion projects! Your teams will design, decorate, wire, code and assemble one-of-a-kind adapted musical instruments which will give people with learning or physical disabilities the opportunity to learn to make music.

Learn to build, code and fly drones which will then be donated to schools across the UK! Flying Start is a flexible option for your event – we can run anything from a 90-minute activity that will work as an icebreaker within your conference, to a traditional 2.5 hours team building afternoon, to a full[…]

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In teams of up to 10, and facing challenges along the way, you will build Motivation Sports wheelchairs for grass roots inclusive sports clubs or charities including Access Sport and Nova Sport and Coaching.

Charity Bike Build Team

Our original team building event! Gather your team and learn the knowledge needed to build a bike. Face challenges to earn the parts to complete your build before donating your finished bikes to deserving charities.