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    Charity team building challenges that are perfect for smaller groups. Take on a small group charity team building challenge and see what impact you can make!
onboard team challenge

OnBoard Challenge

This event delivers value to both the client, participants and the community. This small group charity team building challenge lasts for around 2 hours, and begins with a presentation from the charity project. Creating an emotional bond focuses the teams and makes their efforts worthwhile.

OnBoard is the newest team challenge in the o3e stable at a lower cost alternative to our highly successful Charity Bike Build. This challenge focuses on the assembly and individualising of a skateboard.

Charity Bike Build Lite

Bringing the Charity Bike Build to smaller teams! Suite for groups up to 24 people, take on this fantastic small group charity team building challenge which lasts around 2.5 hours.

You’ll learn ‘the knowledge’ to build your bike, take on team challenges to earn bike parts and accessories, and successfully build some fantastic bikes to donate to a charity of your choice.

This is a fun, engaging and impactful team challenge focussed on creating high performing teams. Why would you want to do anything else?

charity bike build lite

“I just wanted to 'thank you' again for Friday - you and the guys were brilliant and brought out so much positive energy from the team.”

get ahead team building

Get Ahead

Get Ahead is a creative solution to tackling bed poverty, ideal for smaller teams. If you’re a team of 10 or 20, this challenge is perfect for you! Our headboards are split into 10 pieces and need to brightly artworked to be donated with a matching bed!

Your team will need to assemble and paint the headboards in a child-friendly style. With a choice of underwater or jungle themes, your chosen charity will love their new beds!

Over the next few hours, the teams will transform these headboards into exciting and inspiring pieces of functional art. Completed, they are packed and ready for their new homes.

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“I really enjoyed the whole experience. I sometimes find team building activities too much like forced fun but this one, I genuinely enjoyed!”