• Charity Bike Build Lite

    Designed for smaller teams, Charity Bike Build Lite comes with the same impact as its big brother!
Charity Bike Build

Charity Bike Build Lite brings our popular Charity Bike Build to you, in a format which is specifically tailored for your smaller group.

This challenge is perfect for a team of up to 24 people, where you’ll build 3 brand new bikes which will be donated to your chosen charity, and which make a real difference to the lives of the people they are gifted to. If you work for a small company or if you want to organise a team building day for one department, this is the challenge for you!

Lena is an inspiring child, who lost her best friend in the Grenfell Tower tragedy. We’ve donated many bikes to Solidarity Sport, who have supported Lena and many of her friends.


``Thank you so much for the bike! I love it so much! It's the best bike ever! It's perfect! Perfect size, shape and colour! And the additional parts that come with it, I love them!`` Lena, Solidarity Sport

You’ll work in two teams, with each team being given a professional bike workshop. However, in order to gain access to the tools needed, you must first work as a team to complete a build plan which must be approved by an o3e mechanic. Each team will be given the option to take on 3 challenges in the hope of winning some o3e ‘money’. This can be spent at the bike shop on accessories to enhance your product and increase your final team score! The challenges, designed to test your teamwork, are as follows:


-Velodrome: Mathematical challenge designed to test your communication skills. Can you tell us what day the velodrome was built?

-Nail it: A thinking outside the box challenge.

-Need for Speed: How quickly can you complete 3 laps of the circuit on our virtual cycle simulator?

Team Building Bikes for Charity
Charity Bike Build



Once the bikes are complete, they must be given a full MOT by our mechanics. It is this score that tells us who the winning (and losing) teams are!  The bikes are then checked over one final time before being gifted to your chosen charity to support children who have been disadvantaged, build cycling clubs to engage communities or support homeless people to access exercise and freedom.


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What will your team's legacy be?