Postcards from the Pledge

The World is changing and people are moving away from instant gratification and businesses looking inwardly to see what they can do for local, national and international communities.

Postcards from the Pledge helps engage and embed a new sense of purpose. Art that reaches out and brings people together.

How it works

A giant picture is divided in to equal pieces. Participants will receive a piece in the post including a paint kit. Everything the participant needs to complete their postcard. Each canvas has an accompanying design. Participants will transpose the design on to a card. The team will need to liaise with each other to make sure adjoining pieces are similar in style.

When the postcard is completed the participant turns it over and pledges to do something for their local community or environment.

The postcard is completed and returned. Combined with everyone else, the postcard will create a giant picture.

The teams representation of working together.

The pledges are recorded and  used to encourage the team to make a difference throughout the year.

The team is virtually reunited. Why not use with our online app for an extra dimension!

Suitable for any size teams from 4 upwards and takes about 2 hours to complete.

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