Performance Wheelchair Challenge

We asked Alex at Nova Sport, one of our recipient charities: If there was something that you could say to encourage businesses to take part in charity team-building challenges, what would that be?

Quite frankly, there are numerous options for businesses to engage their staff through team-building activities. With o3e however, you have the unique opportunity to create genuine and meaningful change within a community by offering real, tangible help to those in need. There is a serious feel-good factor to be gained throughout your team-building day and your staff will unquestionably have a blast while they achieve this. 

For the wheelchair option, in particular, I can categorically say that playing sport in a wheelchair is a ridiculous amount of fun. Activities such as wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby are in huge demand off the back of Team GB’s success at the Paralympics. Wheelchairs are taken into primary and secondary schools, used with children and adults, and help set up and establish community clubs for regular use. 

Sports wheelchairs help promote inclusiveness, acceptance and understanding in communities and cultures, and for many children and adults with disabilities, it is one of the very few sports they can play on the same playing field as their able-bodied counterparts. 

Charity team-building challenges are like no other. You are literally giving lifelines to people who so desperately need it.

If you fancy bringing your teams together through our Performance Wheelchair Challenge, you're just one click away from finding out more!

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Team Work

How are you going to unite your people, once you get them back? Our Performance Wheelchair Challenge will bring them together in a fun challenge, working to build quality bikes for local charities. It’s a win-win-win. We’ll make sure your objectives, values or learning are brought alive. Your people will rediscover company camaraderie. And the local charities will be forever grateful.

Exceptional Motivation

Following the tough times we’ve all worked through, Performance Wheelchair Challenge is a brilliant way to revive your corporate spirit and culture. Studies show that people have higher engagement levels with cause-related work. Taking part in a genuine purpose-driven activity makes everyone feel that bit better.


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The Charity Team Building Company - About Us

o3e is the leading Charity Team Building company in the UK and Europe. Founded to enable employee engagement to achieve a purpose in society, we create the opportunity for you to provide an amazing team building experience and give back to charity at the same time, because it’s a brilliant thing to do.

Peter Lindsay, the founder of o3e, has a strong belief that through community and charity team building challenges, we can all make a difference in society, helping to close the gap between the people that have, and the valued members of our society who are barely getting by.  

Our vision is that any business can be a force for good. Team building for charity should become an essential part of any conference, exhibition or team off site.

Why would you want to do anything else? Contact o3e, the Charity Team Building Company.

Performance Wheelchair Challenge means...

Team Building

Brilliant for breaking down barriers between teams, engaging with employees and motivating your team to work better together.


Teams get to help your organisation give back to the community through participating in a fun, high energy event with tangible benefits to charity.


Perfect for increasing motivation within your organisation. Teams leave feeling closer, with key takeaway messages woven into their day.


A team day away where everyone has a chance to get involved and develop essential skills that will get taken back to the office.

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