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Unique ways to implement and incorporate CSR

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Pick from over 20 CSR Implementation and Team Building Events, including:

Performance Wheelchair Challenge

A fast paced CSR team building challenge that puts a team on its toes right from the start. Provided with limited resources and limited knowledge, teams will need to source parts and expertise if they are going to complete the Sports Wheelchair before the final team performance.

You’ll even get a chance to play wheelchair basketball or take on a wheelchair obstacle race, building empathy for your end user.

These Sports’ Wheelchairs are a fantastic way to support grassroots disability sports and possibly even our future paralympians!

Unique ways to implement and incorporate CSR

From launching and implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility programme, to running a meaningful CSR focussed team building experience, there is an event to suit you and your business.

O3e are the ONLY event company running 100% CSR events, so you can be confident that we are passionate about what we do. If it doesn’t have a purpose, then it doesn’t have a place here at O3e.

3800 lovely people...

...took on one of our CSR challenges in 2018!

£4100 donated in cash...

...to charity through CSR challenges.

26 funky beds and fun houses...

...donated in 2018 to children across the UK, supported by Foster Carers, bereavement charities, hospices and children's centres.

397 bikes donated in 2018...

...to children and adults for cancer rehabilitation, social inclusion projects, to disadvantaged children and to homeless hostels.

58 sports wheelchairs... and 4 disability trikes...

...donated to disability play clubs and grassroots disability tennis, basketball, and hockey clubs across the UK, breaking down expensive barriers to entry, and providing access to bike riding for children with disabilities

Inspirational Social Enterprise Venues!




Go one step further with your CSR event, and book a Social Enterprise Venue – giving back at every step!

We have lots we have worked with and can recommend, across the UK.

social enterprise venue

Why O3e?

“I founded O3e in 2011, after many years in the team building event industry. I became frustrated with the amount of money and materials being wasted, and thought there must be a better way. It all came to a head with a ‘polystyrene moment’, witnessing teams carve and paint 3 blocks of polystyrene to make a totem pole to reflect their organisational values! I still can’t believe it, such a waste of time, materials and dignity!

And so, Charity Bike Build was born, where teams spend their time creating something of real value. It was an instant success and was followed quickly by our Wheelchair challenge and many more CSR team building challenges.

Our business grows year on year, demonstrating the demand and growing shift in organisations to ‘do good’ and to respond to their employee’s needs to engage through cause.

We’re thrilled that you have found us and hope to work with you soon!”

– Peter Lindsay, Founder of O3e