Inclusive Team Building –  Events Check List

1. Be Proactive: At the point of enquiry and booking, ask if any attendees have any extra access or support needs. By having this knowledge before-hand you can discuss individual requirements.

2. Be prepared to be able to provide an extra person to support someone if needed.

3. Be very clear with communication, for example, do not refer to objects by two different names.

4. Fully describe the entire process to someone with a visual impairment so that they understand what is happening. Allow time for questions.

5. A blind or visually impaired person may need hand guidance, please always seek permission before guiding hands.

6. Be prepared to provide a hearing loop and ensure that these are clearly signposted and that activities happen within it for people who are deaf / hard of hearing.

7. Provide written instructions on tablets with screen readers for those who need it.

8. Make sure all areas are accessible, you may need to adapt your space and your equipment to make this happen. For example. Ensure that there is enough space to move around for a wheelchair user, or that tables and equipment are at the right height for everyone.

9. Use a venue that has accessible access and facilities, including an accessible toilet.

10. Allow for extra time to explain methods, if needed. Perhaps for people using a BSL interpreter.

11. Let potential customers know in advance promotional material or on the website that you can provide extra access support, how your activities are accessible and that you can provide extra time for those that may need it.

12. Ensure Staff are aware of this check list and guidelines.

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