• Musical Challenges

    Music is a fantastic way to energise your team. It pushes people out of their comfort zones but also delivers a natural high in endorphins. Your team will be buzzing with energy, enthusiasm and positivity after one of these events.

Live Wire: Musical Challenge

This musical challenge event is a great way to build your team whilst having fun. Drums, Bass and electric guitars will come together to create a community sound like no other.

Livewire will create confidence, bring people closer together and enable individuals to shine. Your Livewire Challenge will enable us to provide a similar experience to a charity to help inspire young people.

One Voice: Musical Challenge

There are a few accessible things in life that enable you to completely step out of your comfort zone and singing in public is definitely one of them.

We are not requesting that any individual sings alone – we would like the whole group to step up to the plate and join us on the streets of your local area to spread some cheer and help raise money for charity.

We will work on two or three numbers, chosen with you. Suggestions are welcome, particularly if you feel there is music particularly relevant to the circumstance. Music will be tailored to the strengths of the singers in the groups.

“The entire approach felt much less corporate, which seemed to help people relax and be much more open.”