• Remote Team Building Challenges

    Our remote charity team building challenges are the perfect antidote to isolation

Escaping Isolation

Virtual team building challenges where the outcomes are very real making a difference for charities in the UK and Europe. Taking part in our Escape Isolation escape room and performing well, will enable valuable support packages to be created and sent to your chosen charity!

Both fast-moving AND using a combination of cryptic puzzles, both cerebral and physical. Escape Isolation, will provide anyone self-isolating with a great diversion and loads of fun with their fellow online colleagues.

You can customise the challenge to capture key learnings from a recent meeting or go with our own carefully developed challenges, or a combination!

Get A-Head Challenge

Our lockdown team building version of our Thinking A-Head challenge, brings our creative funky headboard challenge into your own home!

Our original headboards have been split into 8 jigsaw pieces. Each of your team members will receive one piece, with a selection of artistic materials.

Team members each customise their piece creatively, before sending back to us. Where we will assemble your ‘big picture’ headboards.

The headboards along with a brand new mattress and bed will be delivered to a family in need.

Escape from The Red Planet

NASA’s newest unmanned space rover, RP o3e, has recently discovered a curious footprint on the Red Planet which you and your team have been sent to investigate. During your landing, however, a meteor hits your ship causing a crash landing and scattering the spaceship’s parts everywhere!

The components required to initiate a successful relaunch need to be collected and reattached to the ship before you can travel back home. Solve complex puzzles and take part in fun activities over zoom to help bring your team closer together – even when they may feel far apart.

Each spaceship part your team collects will correspond to a real-life computer part; these parts will then be used to create a fully functional laptop to be given to a charity of your organisation’s choice!

A laptop earned by you and your team could make a real difference to someone’s life – offering the chance to improve a child’s education or fuelling opportunities for the homeless. Make a real change today with this remote virtual team building activity.

Pop with Purpose

Unify your team and dive headfirst into the urban world of Hip Hop dance while supporting projects that work to improve the physical and mental well-being of patients with Parkinson’s disease.

The class will consist of a warm up, basic principles, a choreographed combination, a freestyle session, and a cool down. You will get to rock your best moves alongside your coworkers and get funky! It will stimulate creativity within the workforce and revitalise the team!

This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn a fun and energetic dance style from a professional who is using Hip Hop techniques to boost the confidence and self-esteem of Parkinson’s patients. Your contribution enables people with Parkinson’s to participate in weekly Popping dance classes free of charge.

On Board Isolation Edition

Bringing our creative Onboard challenge into your homes! The beauty of a mindful and creative task, which also delivers value to your community.

The challenge lasts for around 2 hours, beginning with a presentation from your chosen charity. Creating an emotional bond with the charity, focuses the teams and boosts engagement with the event and with team members.

This challenge focuses on the assembly and the creative individualising of skateboards. Which then find new homes supporting social inclusion of vulnerable groups, once lockdown is over.

Charity Bike Build Isolation Edition

Charity Bike Build Lockdown Edition, brings our popular Charity Bike Build directly into your team members’ homes!

Through online meeting applications, instructional video, live troubleshooting and fun facilitation! Use this unique opportunity, to keep your team engaged whilst also building and donating bikes to care workers and other people in need.

With each team member receiving their own build-a-bike kit, activity guide and of course an invitation to the event start, this really is a unique and engaging challenge.

Our facilitator will be online to set the scene and introduce the charity the team will be building bikes for, here the teams will get an insight in to the impact they will make.

Then the build begins………

Charity bike Build Isolation Edition

“First off I wanted to say thank you very much for such a great event on Friday, the feedback has been fantastic. It was great to have everyone so engaged in the activity with their families despite us not being together!”

- Boehringer Ingelheim

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