• It’s the most bonderful time,
    of the year!

    As the festive season approaches and uncertainty still looming around the nation, it might be time to invest in fun team bonding activities.

Our top 8 festive team building ideas for Christmas, that gives back

You’ve been working hard to keep your staff motivated this year, through all the uncertainty and worrisome times. But as the festive season fast approaches, it might be time to invest in fun festive team building activities as well as give back to those in need.

The benefits of our festive team building:

  • Increase employee morale
  • Develop skills like communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution
  • Create a strong culture of collaboration

Coming up with fun company activities can be challenging, especially when your employees are working virtually. So we’ve put our Santa thinking hats on and are excited to offer 8 festive activities.

Charity Christmas Cracker

Create a perfect box of crackers for Charities in need this holiday season! As society is progressing to a sustainable future, homemade Christmas Decorations are very much in vogue. So now is a perfect time to get the team together to learn the tricks of the trade and create your own crackers and some for Charities in need.

Get the team together to learn the tricks of the trade from our Expert Elf and create your own crackers.

Why choose Charity Christmas Crackers?

Homelessness is a constant problem, crackers can be filled with helpful items and vouchers. Domestic violence also peaks over Christmas your crackers could be filled with items to help people fleeing violent abuse.

Giving From The Globe

A seasonal version of our popular Virtual Escape Room!

Explore a miniaturised wonderland and grab as many gifts for charity as you can.

We have lots of options to choose from!

Gather your team for a series of holiday-related riddles, puzzles, code-breaking, drawing/video challenges from the comfort of your own home.

The better your team performs, the more items your team can collect in your support packages and send to a charity of your choosing during the festive period.

Why choose Giving From The Globe?

Giving from the Globe with o3e will enable your teams to win important items for cancer care, domestic violence victims, and young children.

Virtual Charity Bike Build

The online version of our popular Charity Bike Build team challenge. 

Gather your team for a series of festive riddles, puzzles, code-breaking, drawing, and video challenges whilst working in remote teams and using an online app, and build a bike virtually.

Why choose Virtual Charity Bike Build?

Our donated bikes have enabled literally thousands of people a life-changing opportunity. o3e and it’s clients have created well being cycling clubs, refugee transportation, and your people access to something they could only dream of!

OnBoard at Home

Bringing our creative Onboard challenge into your homes! The beauty of a mindful and creative task, which also delivers value to your community. 

This challenge focuses on the assembly and the creative individualising of skateboards which then find new homes supporting social inclusion of vulnerable groups, once lockdown is over!

The challenge lasts for around 2 hours, beginning with a presentation from your chosen charity. Creating an emotional bond with the charity, focuses the teams and boosts engagement with the event and with team members.

Why choose OnBoard at Home?

Skateboarding has been proven to assist children in developing social skills, cope better with stress and contribute to their capacity for learning new skills.

Get A-Head

Bringing a creative challenge this festive season into the homes of your colleagues artwork our incredible headboard pieces into a child’s bed. 

This beautiful and original artwork has been divided into 10 jigsaw pieces. Each of your team members will be sent a piece to their home or office with all the artistic materials required.

The team will have to collaborate to ensure when the pieces come together they are consistent throughout. 

There are plenty of opportunities to freestyle, the important aspect is that the final assembled headboard will grace anyone’s bedroom!

Why choose Get A-Head ?

Some studies have estimated that there are 400,000 children going to sleep at night without a bed, even if this is only 10% accurate it would mean 40,000 children will have nowhere to hang their stocking!

The finished pieces are carefully assembled and combined with a bed frame and mattress before being installed in a child’s bedroom in time for Christmas.

Lockdown team building

Charity Connect

Bringing our creative challenge into your homes and connect with your colleagues whilst art-working our jigsaw pieces for local children’s centres. 

Our original artwork has been split into 8 jigsaw pieces. Each of your team members will receive one piece, with a selection of artistic materials.

Team members each customise their piece creatively, before sending back to us where we will assemble your ‘big picture’.

Why choose Charity Connect?

Our jigsaws are currently being donated to Barnardo’s children’s centre as an activity to help young children reconnect with their parents and rebuild relationships.

Pop with Purpose

Unify your team and dive headfirst into the urban world of Hip Hop dance while supporting projects that work to improve the physical and mental well-being of patients with Parkinson’s disease.

The class will consist of a warm-up, basic principles, a choreographed combination, a freestyle session, and a cool down. You will get to rock your best moves alongside your coworkers and get funky!

Why choose Pop with Purpose?

This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn a fun and energetic dance style from a professional who is using Hip Hop techniques to boost the confidence and self-esteem of Parkinson’s patients. 

Your contribution enables people with Parkinson’s to participate in weekly Popping dance classes free of charge.

Gifts For Gifts

Gifts For Gifts

Gift your team a Christmas gift and present a sustainable Christmas hamper to a charity at the same time 

Our hampers aren’t just about giving gifts; they are about pulling together as a community to help the families we support by relieving the stress and anxiety that Christmas can often bring.

Why choose Gifts For Gifts?

Christmas can be an incredibly challenging time for many families, especially for those struggling financially or living in complicated circumstances. 

Our hampers aren’t just about giving gifts; they are about pulling together as a community to help the families we support by relieving the stress and anxiety that Christmas can often bring.

This festive season, start putting into effect some festive team building activities and get your team playing, laughing and bonding front the comfort of their own home. 

We’d like to take the opportunity to wish you an early Seasons Greetings from our team to yours!

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