• Team-Building Events That Give Something Back

    Bring your employees together with an engaging, fun and ethical team-building activity that benefits charities. Spend 1 to 3 hours making bikes, skateboards, wheelchairs, care packages, beds (and more!) to donate to the people who need them most.

The main events...

Wherever you’re based, our team will come to your place of work or chosen event space with all the equipment and expert knowledge needed to create something truly worthwhile. Whether you want to build skateboards for Barnardo’s, beds for Shelter, or care packages for a local charity close to your heart, we can make it happen. These are just a selection of the events we offer - download our brochure to learn about the rest!

Wheelchair Challenge

2.5 hours / from £110pp / 10+ participants

Build Sports Wheelchairs for grassroots inclusive sports clubs or support ex-services personnel in their physical and mental rehabilitation.

With 6 challenges that build awareness of people living with disability, each successful attempt at a challenge will result in the winning of points. Teams exchange points for Wheelchair Parts at the Performance Wheelchair Shop – but have they won enough points to get their part? Teams then assemble their wheelchair and race in a high-energy finale!

Great Philanthropic Challenge

2 hours / from £70pp / 8+ participants

The Great Philanthropic Challenge is a fun and engaging Crystal Maze style activity that not only improves team cohesion and development of soft skills, but also creates something purposeful for your chosen charity.

Teams compete in 6 challenges, some head to head, in order to win points and charity items. The challenges are a mixture of cerebral and physical, to test teams’ skills to the limit. The Great Philanthropic Challenge can be tailored specifically to the charity you would like to work with.

Get Ahead

2.5 hours / from £80pp / 10+ participants

In 2018 research found that around 400,000 children in the UK didn’t sleep in a bed of their own. Stories emerged of children sleeping on beds made from bin bags, coats and even sleeping on their kitchen floor.

We launched the Get Ahead challenge to impact these figures. Help us by creating an amazing bed for a child in need! Teams employ all the qualities of good teamwork and communication to produce a beautiful jungle or underwater themed headboard. The finished headboard is married with a bed frame and a mattress and installed in a family home or refuge.

Download a brochure

Complete the form to view our full range of charity team building events in our free brochure. If you’d like to have an informal chat so you can tell us more about what you’re trying to achieve from your team building event, just leave a message and a contact number and we’ll happily give you a call!

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Take your CSR seriously and be part of something that makes a real difference to real people

10954 lovely people...

...took on one of our CSR challenges in 2023!

54 Flying Start drones...

...donated to schools across the country, helping to educate children in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

1007 funky skateboards...

...donated in 2023 to children across the UK through young people's charities and social inclusion projects.

391 bikes donated in 2023...

...to children and adults for cancer rehabilitation, social inclusion projects, to disadvantaged children and to homeless hostels.

49 specialist sports wheelchairs...

...donated to disability play clubs and grassroots disability tennis, basketball, and hockey clubs across the UK, breaking down expensive barriers to entry.

100% of o3e's CSR team building challenges are focussed on giving back to charity.

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