• Multi-Activity Charity Challenges

    These CSR team building challenges, include a large number and variety of team challenges, to build collaboration, cohesion, create competitiveness and ultimately to create a fun and rewarding team building event, where the outcome is something tangible for your chosen charity
Great Philanthropic Challenge

Great Philanthropic Challenge

The Great Philanthropic Challenge is one of our latest multi activity charity challenge creations here at o3e. With the Crystal Maze having made a comeback on TV, this is a great time to consider inviting your team to take the challenge.

This is a really exciting event, designed to test your team’s skills to the max, whilst having great fun. The teams will compete in a series of Crystal Maze style challenges, aiming to achieve the highest score and win the GP Trophy. All whilst raising money for your favourite charity or community project.

“There are two things we love at o3e - fun, engaging events that help you achieve your objectives, and helping the local community... An 8 team Great Philanthropic Challenge could result in a donation of over £1,000 to your chosen charity.”

The Great Philanthropic Trail

o3es app based treasure trails creates a fun, competitive and unique way for you to get outside and explore your chosen location. An easy to follow route will enable each team to focus on cracking clues and earning treasure, whilst enjoying all the sights. With our CSR twist, this team building challenge is a treasure hunt with a real purpose and real treasure!

The teams will race their rivals and face challenges to win o3e’s Charity CryptoCurrency ‘oZone’ (o3) through a smartphone app. The cryptocurrency will be exchanged for items that the charity needs or can even be banked by the charity to pull down at a later date for items they need or to get volunteers for specific projects.

Once the team’s time is up they will proceed to a rendezvous at a local bar, restaurant or hotel. There they will be met by the charity who will be delighted to receive the team’s winnings!

``Clearly a lot of thought went in, it was very well organised and very enjoyable!``