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    If it’s a creative CSR team building challenge you’re after, then look no further. We have a wide choice of exciting challenges for your team to experience including painting fun houses, textiles and skateboard design.

Get A-Head Challenge

The Remote Worker version of our Thinking A-Head challenge means that you can now take part in one of our engaging events from home! We’ve split down and packaged up our custom funky headboards!

Our original headboards have been split into 8 jigsaw like pieces, you will receive one piece with a selection of artistic materials including paints, paint pens and paint brushes. You can customise and decorate your piece creatively and send back to us, to become part of a bigger picture.

Once posted back to us, we will co-ordinate with the other people who have taken part in creating part of this bigger picture and show you the finished outcome.

The headboards along with a brand new mattress and bed will be delivered to a family in need.

Colour Illustrated Head Board
on board

On Board

OnBoard is one of our creative team building challenges that delivers value to the client, participants and the community. The challenge lasts for around 2 hours, and begins with a presentation from the charity. Creating an emotional bond with the charity, focuses the teams and boosts engagement with the event and with team members.

On Board is our newest team challenge at o3e stable, offering a lower cost alternative to our highly successful Charity Bike Build. This challenge focuses on the assembly and the creative individualising of skateboards.

Fun House Challenge

The Fun House Challenge is a creative team building activity that allows teams to express their creativity and deliver a great end result, whilst challenging them on budgeting, time management and allocation of responsibilities.

Suited to anyone, this challenge can be used for Graduate Induction, CSR Community Days, Team Off Sites and Conferences. The event can be run indoors or outside, and all the paints are not only suitable for a child’s environment but also for use in confined areas – perfect for a hotel conference suite or your own workplace.

The teams need to build, paint and decorate their own house or vehicle. Once finished, the Fun Houses are delivered to either key charity projects we are working with such as the NSPCC’s Neglect Programme, or you may have your own ideas of where the fun houses could be donated.

charity fun house challenge

“Your hard work and creativity has helped put a smile on the face of many children in need across the north-east. Thank you so, so much.”

- Amanda Harland, Supervising Social Worker, Newcastle City Council

Funky Furniture

This really is one of our most heartwarming creative team building challenges. Your team will be smiling from start to finish, and as the work they’re undertaking has such a physical and tangible presence with a direct impact on children, there will be no ‘team building cringe’, just pure energy and focus on working together to the best of their ability.

Working with children’s charities and local Social Care teams across the UK, your team’s challenge will be to build awesome beds for children. Your team get to be both artist and builder, creating these very special children’s beds, and associated furniture. Put smiles on the faces of children up and down the country.

Make Sense

Make Sense is a unique activity that we have developed, with insight from a leading UK sensory integration expert, Joanna Grace. During the challenge, you will work together to create an engaging sensory story bag, to be used in play therapy sessions, working to provide meaning, fun and engagement with children and adults with sensory processing needs or dementia.

Throughout the challenge, you’ll take part in fun, insightful challenges to build trust with team members and develop empathy for people faces sensory challenges. A great team event for building empathy and inclusion in your work place.

inclusive team building

“Just wanted to say BIG thanks to you and your team for making our charity event such a great success! I hope the kids enjoy their new beds as much as our team enjoyed building them!”

- Johnson and Johnson

thinking a-head

Thinking A-Head

Thinking A-Head is our newest team challenge, a creative solution to tackling bed poverty. The challenge last for around 2.5 hours and begins with a presentation from the charity. Your group are split in to teams of 8 and become the constructors and the creators.

Each team is allocated a flat packed bed, a funky headboard and a selection of 3d elements to add to their headboard. The team will need to assemble and paint the bed in a child friendly style. This can be a story, a theme or in classic colours.

Over the next few hours the teams will transform these headboards into exciting and inspiring piece of functional art. When finished the completed pieces will be dismantled and packed ready for their new homes, you may want to get a group together to rebuild the creations in the children’s bedroom!

“We’ve worked with o3e for 2 yrs and their activities just keep getting better! We love that we can combine team building with charity work.”

- Anna Gillingham, M&G

Community Catwalk

During this highly creative challenge, your group will be designing and creating a fashion collection that delivers against a set theme. It also provides funds for your charity.

All the materials and clothing will be sourced from charity stalls set up by the charities themselves. Help will be available throughout the challenge from our team experts, who can advise on creativity and help with some areas of tailoring. Stitching is provided by highly skilled seamstresses and additional items to enhance the designs are available from the haberdashery.

Once the collections are completed the fashion show begins, each team provides the background to their design, musical accompaniment and the models. The resulting fashion show will be all glitz, glam, fast paced and exciting. Our Fashion Gurus will decide who wins Top Fashion House.

Pedaling Smoothie

Pedaling Smoothie brings some welcome creativity into your business objectives, whilst creating value for your favourite charity. This activity will give the teams the opportunity to use their imagination and produce a new smoothie for their target audience.

The world of exotic beverages is a fine way to escape working life. However, the team skills and individual flair that help in your everyday work will be useful in creating a unique drink. In an atmosphere of fun and light-hearted competition, your team will plan, market, sell, design, package, produce and finally taste your product.

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